Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homemade Raviolis

Somewhere it became a tradition to have a pasta dinner at some point in time, usually Friday, during Thanksgiving weekend. Some years I can remember showing up for the feast weekend with a carload of homemade angel hair pasta. Probably enough to feed everyone in my Aunt and Uncle's small hometown, but we would manage not to have leftovers.

This year will be a variation on that theme. My bro and his family are coming to celebrate and cook with us Wednesday evening, (I think I enjoy putting the turduken together more than eating it... and that is saying something.) as they have to be partying with the other side Turkey day. So they will come. We will cook, partake of the Whiskey Sour Punch, and sing and dance to the "I am Mrs. Turkey" song, all the usual Prep fun, and then they will head out to the real deal party Thursday about 1. Another change will be we will have pasta Wednesday night for dinner.

For this meal I made homemade raviolis in the quiet of my kitchen, start to finish, complete with homemade ricotta cheese, in three hours. I mention the time to let you know, you can do this too.

For the cheese stuffing I mixed the decadently rich homemade ricotta with some Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheeses, a couple of eggs and some Italian seasoning in the food processor. There is a little left, which I think will end up in a ricotta pie for dinner tonight. And the pasta was the usual flour and eggs; easy -- but I haven't done this for probably seven years, so it took a sheet or two for me to get back into the rolling groove. Ninety-two two inch raviolis later, the main part of Wednesday night's dinner is in the freezer.

Now to think about the sauce. Maybe a fresh tomato, so it doesn't overpower the ravioli...

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Tammy H. said...

Way to go Patty. Sounds delicious! You are inspiring.