Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Children, Christmas and Cooking

I have one daughter that hums and sings while riding on the back of my motorcycle. Whenever I could use a lift I invite her for a ride. She is ecstatic. but truly it's for me. Hearing that little voice, singing away brightens my day.

And I have another child that equates Christmas with cooking, specifically baking. She would bake every night of Advent if given half a chance. Tonight she, with her sister and I, in the on deck circle, made from scratch a Lemon Ginger Cake. I just left her in the kitchen humming away, wiping up flour from every horizontal surface in our kitchen. While adding the dry ingredients she failed to shut the mixer off and the blade caught the measuring cup and sent its contents everywhere. She was all set to give up. I asked, "Why? Over a cup of flour?"

She recovered, the cakes are in the oven, and the kitchen is being cleaned up by the amazing humming baker.

I love when my kids hum.

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Tammy H. said...

I love it that my boys like to cook and read. Those are two of my passions and since I have no girls, it is nice to know that they like to accompany me in the kitchen or take over and let me sit and watch them for a change. For the cookie exchange, my middle son baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. Lots of love in the kitchen at our house. Sounds like the same in yours.