Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Place LIke...

Vermont for the holidays.

Lately I've been thinking that I was born into the wrong state, not mental state -- for we know that is true, but geographical state.

I caught the inkling 6 years ago with a full blown case of the maple sugarmaking fever. In the fall I inventory the buckets, lids and taps. In the late winter, eyes glued to I watch for the 40 - 20 temperature differential -- the start of the blessed season. There are few times so special as being out in the sugar shack.

When we are not sugaring, it is camping with family and now friends. It used to be just Labor Day at Half Moon State Park. I won't mention our favorite site number, (I would hate to cause a rush on the reservation website), but it's the one with the private boat launch, and the log which is great for catching pictures of the early morning water fowl. Our Vermont camping has expanded to include Fourth of July, and a week in August. Our parks of choice are Emerald Lake and Lake Elmore; both wonderful places.

And now, for New Years we are up once again visiting family and friends. Playing games, knitting, playing with my bro-in-law's new camera, (be still my heart), going for walks, sharing a coffee, or a meal, attending Mass together; it's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

On our way way home and thinking of you, Happy New Year to youn your family and friends. We will be praying for you in the New Year. Happy New Years!


tammy H. said...

It is great to share a coffee with you anytime! I enjoyed the visit and the candle, thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Much happiness in the New Year!