Friday, December 11, 2009

Every year, it's the same affair

For 12 winters now I have knowingly and willing entered into the same affair. Maybe the surest way into to this old girl's heart is through my feet. For when I slip those tried and true Sorrels over my toes it is love at first step. Yes, I love them. I love how they keep my feet comfortably warm but not overly hot. I love how they keep my feet dry. And those oh so wonderful rubber bottoms offer good traction when I slog through over ankle deep icy puddles. The felt liners are thick flannel soft. My toes are never pinched or rubbed the wrong way. I can head out for a morning of errands and know my feet will hold up to any check out line or mall walk. They never fail during the long hours of maple sugaring. They are this maple sugarmakers best friend.

Some might say they aren't stylish; missing a nice turned heel and a flashy buckle or two. I say flash fades and heels are never a girl's best friend. Steady, reliable, warm, protective, soft, comfortable -- that is what this old girl thrives on.

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Tammy H. said...

So true, Patty. My Sorels are about the same age and I wouldn't trade them for the world. in fact, I got new ones a year or so ago as a gift and they sit, passed over. Luckily my youngest's feet and mine are the same size so he has been known to take them for an outing here and again.