Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Room at the Inn...

The phrase, "No room..." flashed across my frontal neon sign when I received word that in order for our town Girl Scouts to take cookie delivery at our parish hall the town service unit (Girl Scouts) would have to pay $300 to the parish and show proof of insurance.

What kind of a message are the powers that be putting forth? Yes, the townwide scouting organization is not a parish group, but we have been accepting cookie delivery at the hall for at least five years, are nonprofit and centered on doing good works of community service. We give young girls a place to go and many opportunities to experience. We are not flush, but scrimp and scrape pennies together to offer girls in town opportunities.

I'm disappointed. Like so many other organizations and activities that have left our parish, so shall the Girl Scouts. I fear that pretty soon our once vibrant parish will be a hollow shell.


Tammy H. said...

What a shame, I'm sorry for your Girl Scout troop.

P.H. said...

It's not just our troop, but every troop in town -- maybe 20 to 25 groups of wonderful girls.