Sunday, December 13, 2009

Please sir...

May we have another.

As I was scraping the last of this ultimate delicious, fought over honey out of this jar that line from Oliver Twist came to mind. In a flash, I imagined our entire tea drinking family walking the 150 miles, barefoot, head bowed, shoulders rounded into a C -- the empty jar shaking in our extended hands to the home where we acquired this bountiful gift from their very own bees.

Of course, in all reality we are not begging for more, but showing our deep gratitude for the gift that sweetened our oceans of tea. Thank you Happenings on the Hill. With each spoonful we reached across the miles, offering a prayer of thanks for your friendship.

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Tammy H. said...

Ah, what a nice surprise after getting home from a long day out with kids to such a nice post. Tom hasn't harvested this year, we plan on doing it in the spring and certainly for friends, there will be more to share, even if the package has to come via mail, but hopefully we can do an in-person turn-over. Glad you enjoyed it!