Monday, June 14, 2010

Babies and Bath Water

Once again, a priest has been placed on leave due to allegations of sexual abuse. Is there truly a case here? Is this man of God guilty? Time will tell. Still, once again the Catholic religion is being shaken by those who are suppose to be the scaffolding for the faith. Am I shocked? No, disappointed yes, but not shocked.

Since the huge explosive revelation of abuse (6)? years ago the presence of such scandals in this world religion and others has made headlines all over the globe. And with each expose my heart sinks a bit. People bestowed with the job of teaching their god's word have let their people down. People in the position of power instructing their followers to kill themselves, kill others, sexually offer themselves, give all their worldly possessions towards the wealth of their faith. So that they are closer to their god, will meet their god, touch their god, enhance their faith. You name it -- the promise has been made. I guess in these cases the baby needs a time out.

Since when are these ideologies the word of God? Yes, some will argue: READ your bible. It's in there. But I chose to follow a different path. I chose to recognize that the scaffolding is shaky, but faith and religious underpinnings are two different objects.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

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