Monday, June 21, 2010

Wooosh there went the weekend

I woke up Saturday and the next thing I know it is Monday. Craziness! Summer is here, and time is flying by. But there was one moment of pause yesterday. One place where I sighed the sigh of relief.

After an all day step dancing competition, which is another blog story, I still had the task to cook for Father's Day. I had planned for this by baking the pie and making the rice side dish Saturday. But still at 4 PM, after driving, sitting around for hours waiting for your dancer to dance 15 minutes and then waiting again to get results, and driving home -- I really don't want to cook...

Anyway, the man of the day came into the kitchen with the instruction for the girls to get the table set. Then he asked me what he could do to help... If I hadn't put the sound of his voice to memory, I might have had to turn around to see who was talking.

"You could cut the roast into steaks," was my answer. And it was done, while I made the bacon bourbon cream sauce for the meat.

Then the question came, "When should I light the grill?" Again, I was speechless. Being so used to just getting my stuff done without the outside help.

"After the sauce is made." Overcooked steaks, especially on Father's Day is a big big no no.

Sauce and salad made, rice reheated -- steaks grilled and dressed. Dinner was topped off with a nice bottle of wine, rhubarb pie, and having the girls clean up the kitchen -- so Mom could rest.

Be still my heart -- was this Mother's Day?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day!
Love Bro