Friday, June 04, 2010

BP Bankrupt?

How much do you want to bet that BP will go bankrupt and walk away from the mess in the Gulf? The government has sent BP the first part of the clean up bill, 69 million dollars. For what? The mess is getting worse. The environment is ruined, people's livelihoods are gone. How many years until the Gulf ecosystem is viable again? Who is going to support these families? They shouldn't be held responsible for their bills. Will BP take over paying their mortgages, college payments, utility bills, medical, food?

I say BP walks away -- clean and free. I say its executive officers will continue to live high and mighty while those folks along the Gulf lose everything.

BP -- feel free to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

I am sad to say, you are probably right. The people who caused this issue will walk away scott free am The company will pay something but not enough. The workers on the rig and their family, will pay the highest price withe loss of their lives and the shame that everyone will throw on them, because the company tried to cut cost and the government turned a blind eye. It is a shame since we are the stewarrts of this fine planet. The environment will get better but not as quickly as some would like.The only solace I have is that someday the Lord will be talking to the right people and they will not be able to hide or talk their way out then. God has created a wonderful
planet! I just hope he does not hit the reset button just yet.

pale said...

What you say is true but we all share in it I think. The world's insatiable appetite for all things petrochemical/oil means drilling will continue with the resultant disasters. BP and the like supply the need.