Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everything I Need To Know

... I Learned in Kindergarten.

I used to believe that. After all kindergarten is where we solidify those started at home lessons to share, to be kind, to try our best, to respect others, and to hold hands. But the topology of this summer has reacquainted me with a double whammy lesson that I picked up in graduate school. Lessons that equal those of the formative year. And they are:

1. Be happy and celebrate when those around you are successful. For if you are only truly happy when good things come solely your way, you will be unhappy a lot of the time. But if you celebrate the accomplishments and successes of others, then you will be delightfully squeezing in celebrations left and right.

2. Don't put off celebrating until the Big Bang. There are many of life's little discoveries each and everyday; simple yet beautiful results that unfold as they rush towards us. Don't miss them anticipating the next best big result. For big may never come.

Maybe it's not all about kindergarten or high school or graduate school; maybe it's all about being a life long learner. After all, I'm 50 and look what I learned today.