Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Sad, So Sad...

It's a sad sad situation.

Our local used book store / coffee bar is closing down. According to Paul, the owner, "People aren't buying books like they used to." What's this closing going to mean to the neighborhood? After all there are two other coffee sources within walking distance. It's obvious we lose a bookstore, but what else?

Also leaving is our knitting club meeting spot, the arena for local politicians to gather and chat with their constituents, a place for the Nobscot Niblets Writer's Group, the gallery for local artists and authors to debut their wares, the Mystery readers meeting spot on Wednesday night, a place to get the best scones around, or a chair massage two Sundays a month, not to mention the best coffee brewed or beans.

Leaving is the afternoon gathering spot for moms waiting to acquire their children from the neighboring school. Assembling there on a weekend won't be happening for intrepid middle aged hikers heading off to Tippling Rock for a relaxed afternoon jaunt.

Dissipating will be the Curmudgeon's Coffee Club who accepted a little girl as an apprentice and then promoted her to a journeyman. For 180 days each school year, she won't be getting up extra early to make sure she has time to stop in to sit with the crew before school. No more curtsying with a flourish for His Lordship. Gone is the halfway safe haven stop. No more afterschool gratuitous juice boxes or summertime popsicles.

Lost will be the artsy jewelry gallery. Where will we find the handmade perfect necklaces and earrings?

Leaving will be Paul, the owner, and friend, for the past 11 years. Who knows how I like my coffee. And adds the no cal sweetener; even though it disgusts him.

This little community of Nobscot is losing more than a used bookstore. We are losing life.

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