Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Less is Way More

Camping really brings life into focus. No electricity, shared cold water at the roadside spigot, communal "flush" toilets, (after all it can't be too rough) -- and it rains. There are no bedrooms to retreat into, no tv to get sucked into, just a family, a picnic table covered by a screen house and a bin of board games. It doesn't get much better.

No microwave, no oven, just a gas stove top with three burners. Simple one pot meals, with still plenty of burner space to heat water for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and dishes; all in the same pan. (And no dishwasher, but there is something very relaxing about washing dishes outside.)

Less is way way more, for sure.


jeff noel said...

It helps us focus on the essential blessings. As simple as hot water, or shelter of any kind.

Patty Hebert said...

Or as you posted today: That true blessings start with family.