Monday, August 08, 2011


Thank God opportunities are like buses.

While at the Middle School Youth Ministry meeting, a request came in, "Did anyone want to help make the sixty brown bag lunches for the homeless?" Three youth said, "Yes." Three said, "We'll come back at dinner time to help 60 strangers." For they were already giving of their late morning time to planning the games and activities for the parish picnic at their current meeting. Already they were missing out on playing, tv, video games, shopping -- any number of activities not associated with the church and parish.

At first glance you might think that making and praying over lunches for 60 homeless people is an inconvenience, an interruption to the day. But in reality, making sandwiches is another opportunity for the youth to hold their hands open, and receive.

Seven people gathered to make sandwiches: 3 adults, and 4 youth. The three youth from the meeting and another: a sixteen year old young man with a disability. Older, different and much taller than the others. He took them by surprise. His goal was to make ten lunches. Could he do it? He did. And the other youth not only supported his efforts but interacted with him over the lunch assembly and through conversation.

Forty five minutes later, and 60 homeless people will be getting lunch today, Monday. And the youth from the meeting had a new friend in a very quiet, gentle young man. Without being prompted they knew they were on both the giving and receiving ends of a blessing.

And for those that missed this opportunity, thank God, for if we miss one, He will send another along.

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