Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Relinquishing the driver's seat

Don't get me wrong, my college bound daughter, has her driver's license and access to a car. She drives herself where she needs to go. But when I must tag along, I'm in the driver's seat. That is -- until yesterday.

Yesterday, a job interview at her pending college, she drove us. An hour there; an hour back... She drove well. She negotiated the city and the highway through traffic and construction. She didn't like the construction; but who does. She found parking place, interviewed, got the job and then drove us home.

Almost home, I realized that she was no longer mine. That she was in the driver's seat. Almost home she realized just how easy it was to drive off to college.

Now if the packing were as easy as the drive.
Got soap? Got contacts? Got coffee? You got the picture.


jeff noel said...

yikes, and, hooray!

Patty Hebert said...

You're right it is yikes, and hooray. I will miss her terribly. But I'm so proud to have her leaving the nest.