Sunday, December 16, 2012

He Wastes Nothing

God doesn't kill 26 innocent children and women. But He will use their combined love, innocence and courage, to expound upon and teach and show us life's most precious lessons.

Lesson one. Love is always greater than evil. Snuff out 26 burning bright candles and watch the firestorm of love that consumes the globe.

But why does it take even one lost candle for the world to care? We should care already.


tammyheff said...

I agree that a lot of good things will come from it, but honestly I am struggling with it. So many people will be burying their children on or near what is one of the most peaceful holidays on the calendar. Makes me want to cry.
To boot, here we had one friend of my son's fall at the climbing gym and break her back, completely crushing one vertebrae. Another family's house burned to the ground. All on that Friday.
Not feeling much in the way of Christmas spirit.

Patty Hebert said...

Hi Tammy,

Yesterday sitting in our living room, among our tree, crèche and other decorations, all I could think of are those poor families that are suffering. You are right. This week leading up to Christmas should be joy filled. And now...

The sorrow is crushing. I close my eyes and I see their smiling faces. There is never any sense in violence. And I'm saddened further to here your news.

I teach my religious Ed classes that when evil rises up we must smother it with acts of love and kindness. No act is too small when it is done with a great love. Mother Theresa