Thursday, April 18, 2013

Even in Paradise

Explosions, fires; there are dead and injured. The bad news bleeds in. Eight year old dies. Of course it would. Two daughters dead. Every fitness room tv screen has the news all the time. Nails and ball-bearings used. Probably in the bars too, but we don't frequent them. Family and friends safe, accounted for. Not everyone can make that claim. Cell phones vibrate with the breaking updates. Injured have 20 or more foreign objects in their bodies. The sun shines. The waters warm. Newlyweds each loose a leg in blast. Worse fate for sisters. Friendly cast members ask where's home. Massachusetts... Silence. They have the bomber. Made an arrest. Relief. Oops no they don't. Anxiety level spikes. We don't know who and why now, but we will soon very soon. We think we're healing then ... Poisoned letters in DC, Mississippi. Fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. Sleeplessness. Even in Paradise.

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Anonymous said...

It is truly a time of great uncertainty ... questions unanswered, what may come next, why are people doing this to their fellow human beings ... God continue to give us faith, hope and love.