Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I can do it later

Home, and without clients, is like being home and unemployed. I woke up yesterday morning and instead of heading out to the garage to exercise on the trainer, before the dawn, I realized that I could ride my bike in full daylight later.

Instead of squeezing in folding the laundry before heading out on the school run, I realized I could do the laundry later.

Instead of going directly food shopping after the school run, you got it, I could do it later.

So what did I do? I checked the stained glass supply -- I need white. Must plan a trip to Grafton. (Maybe tomorrow.)  I washed the kitchen floor, did the school run, went to the hardware store to pick up a new CO detector. Saw they are hiring. Applied for a job. Installed new detector. Hoed and planted peas in the garden. Prayed the ground hogs would vacation elsewhere this summer. And now I am writing for 30 minutes.

Afterwards I will hit up the "later" list.

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