Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Those Tough Days

Surround yourself with joy. And keep your friends close.

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jeff noel said...

There is a boil water alert in the town I'm in. Snow melt has created havoc on the reservoir.

Tempting to think 'what a hassle'.

This temptation lasts about two seconds.

What are the Families going through who have no idea where the Malaysian Jet went down?

How does my classmate, one week after he lost his Son to a drunk driver, recover with 11 (out of 12) ribs broken, punctured lung - how does he do it with Grace, Mercy, Love, Faith, Hope?

This is a first world problem getting to experience unsafe drinking/bathing water.

What is a daily (and sometimes a lifetime) challenge, is a minor inconvenience here.

This is the mantra through Saturday.