Saturday, April 26, 2014

I would be perfect if I were....

Many years ago I was told I would have been perfect if I were thinner. Warned never to become overweight.

And then I was warned that I would be perfect if I didn't work so hard at my goals. Stop pressing towards graduation. For it would show everyone just how smart I really am.

Years later I am told I would be perfect if I were different. You know, not who I am. Hard to pinpoint that advice, but we can say unwanted, unloved and unlovable.

And recently I was advised that I would be perfect if I would be (excuse the language) more of an ass kisser. You know, placating. Not that I'm not already dedicated, hardworking, generous, helpful, punctual, exacting with figures and money, relentless with computer issues, warm with a very clear sense of customer service.

Interesting advice...

What have I learned at 53 years old? I've been brutally hurt in the past. And unfounded words burn in old wounds. I've carried soul breaking emotional baggage for years now. And the best advice I can internalize is that I will be perfect when I leave that baggage behind.

For really, I am perfect just as I am.


jeff noel said...

Today is a very special day for you Patty. Very special indeed.

And important.

And transformational.

Pack light and pray without ceasing.

Courage and boldness have genius in them.

And it shines a light so bright it can never be extinguished.

Keep moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! You are truly enlightened and smart. I thought you would never catch up with me! But you have done it.

Now pick a seat, have a drink, put your feet up. Your journey was long. But do not rest long! There are people you still need to meet! They have something to teach you and you have a lot to teach them!

Peace is really with you! God's blessing too