Saturday, April 12, 2014

My life is in throwback mode.

Those on Facebook know all about throwback Thursday, where members post old photos. I don't participate but I love to look at these old photos. And lately, with riding my bike to work, I feel my life is in throwback mode. For high school, when not on crutches, I would ride my bike to school. And in graduate school, again I would ride my bike to school/work.

What's happening? My work ethic is in hyper drive. With the same passion I attacked research I'm devouring work, stained glass, my girls, bike riding, my health, my life. Unfortunately... dusting is not making it on that list. With all this activity, I don't feel over 50... Instead I'm feeling closer to graduate school age. Is it possible? Is it real? It certainly is interesting.

Can we love something inanimate? For I certainly love my bike and all the warm and wonderful results that come from riding it.

Has anyone else noticed? My girls have. They are so cute and supportive. And thankfully, I'm able to fly under the radar at work. For even I know it is crazy to be an hourly part time worker, who goes in because there is something not finished. Attacking the task as if it were a research problem needing to be addressed. Getting deliverables mapped out and completed, quietly.

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jeff noel said...

Patty, many cannot fathom thriving because they think it is reserved for youth.

You are a perfect example of rupturing that myth.

Exciting, and contagious, to read about.

Keep being an example. :)