Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Went to a wake last evening

Our Deacon's wife passed away. She was a wonderfully strong, quiet woman. Always there for others. Her wake was in the church. It started with a lovely prayer service. Then the visitation. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Touching.

What made it special was my daughter, the altar server attended with me. The Deacon is special to her. She sees Christ in him. Will serve when it's not her week, usually, when they are short handed and the Deacon asks her to step up to the plate.

She wanted to be there last night. Wanted to tell the Deacon how sorry she was.

As we shook hands with the family I introduced myself as Patty, I'm Maddy's mom. She serves with Deacon Mannion.

Yes I was there, but more importantly Maddy was there.


Anonymous said...

A very special moment that offsets some of the past challenging times.
May Mrs. Mannion rest in peace.

jeff noel said...

Awesome for you and Maddy.
So sorry for the loss.
No doubt there is celebration in Heaven.