Thursday, March 19, 2015

3 years or 36 thousand

As I pulled into the driveway yesterday I had a true sense of doom. Less than a mile, an the warranty on my vehicle expires. I'm in a love hate relationship with the dealership service department. For their multi point system check had failed to detect steering problems over the past several months. And only visits to an independent mechanic brought to light several thousands of dollars worth of repairs as well as multiple visits and delays to work.

Yes the dealership fixed everything under the warranty. But as I have mentioned to them, I trusted them to return to me after every maintenance visit a vehicle that was at 100 percent. Not one that would need a second opinion.

As jeff noel says, be an example not the warning... In life and business.

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jeff noel said...

Sorry to hear about this all too common negative auto industry stereotype. Glad they honored the second opinion.

Brilliant timing on the photo. wow

Heres to hoping that whatever stress they've contributed to, they will somehow convince they are sorry and never let it happen again.