Monday, March 23, 2015

Morse Farm

Probably nine years ago, we first visited Morse Farm up in Vermont and met Burr Morse. It's so cool to talk with another sugarmaker; to see their evaporator. In this photo, behind Burr is their three stage pan: the warmer, the main pan and the finishing pan.

They have thousands of taps in acres of trees, with a new sugarbush under development. Our single pan is smaller than their finishing pan... But we are only a backyard enterprise of now 15 taps. So that's not surprising. And our expansion was blessed by the baby finally being big enough for her first bucket. Talk about a rite of passage.

It's so gentlemanly of Burr to remember me, and to take time out of his day to sit and chat about the season. Our's is in full swing and up north they are still frozen. Probably this week their sap will start to run. Hopefully.

Imagine having your livelihood based upon the weather. They have had their share of bad seasons. It happens. For our small operation I watch the weather and wonder if we will make one or five gallons. For Morse Farm, it's will we survive. Burr has been a sugarmaker for 64 years.

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