Sunday, August 13, 2006

Who Else Can I Still Be?

After reading FC's wonderful answer to this question, as I bandaged a hurt toe while answering the age old question, "What's for dinner?" I wondered, Who am I not?

I am a mother, a writer, an artist, a sewer, and short order cook.
I am a lover, companion, someone's one and only.
I am a daughter, an aunt, sombody else's ex.
I am a scientist (drug designer), chemistry teacher, a Quality Assurance Engineer.
I am the house nurse, the nurturer, and sharp tongued diciplinarian.
I am a library mystery reader, a school volunteer, a Girl Scout cookie mom.
I am a taxi driver, a gardener, our cruise director and reluctant housekeeper.
I am a referee, a mediator, a holder of secrets and fears.
I am a friend, a mother bear protecting her cubs, a walker, and a swimmer.
I am a camper, a hiker, an old time sailor.
I am a typist, an organizer, a wanna-be knitter.
I am a woman, kicking and screaming as I slide into middle age.
I am a math tutor, a photographer, a chick-lit movie lover.
I am a builder, a painter, a tiler, and a maple sugarmaker.

I am ME.


Idiot Cook said...

PtCakes! I LOVE THIS ENTRY. Now go to the Sunday Scribblings blog (link is on my site) and add your post so other people can read it and marvel at the wonderful sentiments, too! :)

I mean that...I don't know how you do all that you do.

DawnApril said...

I love it too. Who knew you were a sewer???? WHen do you find the time??? And why do you never stink???

P.H. said...

DawnApril.... straight from Merriam Webster


Main Entry: 2sew·er
Pronunciation: 'sO-&r
Function: noun
: one that sews

(may or may not be in need of a shower... this is an individual preference)

Kay said...

Wow! Such a great list. When you said you were a mother - all the rest just followed!

Nicely done!

Ms. Zuba said...

wow...this reminds me of my "I am From" poem assignment. The kids just love it and I have never read so many great poems...I will have to post mine on my blog.