Friday, November 27, 2009

Leftovers and Memories

is all that remains... They came. We cooked. We feasted.

Many hands makes light the work as many miles will lighten these hips.

Twenty four hours ago my bro and I were sitting up in our kitchen, drinking coffee and watching the turduken cook. (This year he deboned the turkey without slitting the skin. In otherwords he took the carcass out from the inside.) Clocking in over 15 hours in the oven, this year's birds took their sweet time coming up to temperature. At one point the oven shut itself off, (You have to love Wolf products.) but I was standing right there to catch it. I am not happy with my boat anchor of an oven. Moving on --

The dinner was as enjoyable as the company. I am looking forward to getting out for a relaxing walk today. The season is coming on full storm. I will take this weekend to ease into it. At least I won't have to cook for a while.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day to be with our children and most of their children. Being together to us is the greatest gift and what cooks they are to boot!! We thank God for our gifts. It is what makes Thanksgiving Day.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday Patty. Glad to hear that everything went well.