Sunday, May 03, 2009

Free Art Sundays

The Danforth Museum has free art the first Sundays of the month from 2 to 4. We've gone twice now, and had fun both times. Today the projects were cardboard and tape sculpture and circle art. I liked the circle art best. The girls enjoyed the cardboard and tape exercise best.

As we left the Director asked to see our masterpieces. The girls laid these work before her Ouuus and Ahhhs. (I held my back... after all moms are just there to play taxi right...) Then she asked if we had fun. There were nods all around until she mentioned the fun would be ending if they didn't get additional funding.

We just found this free fun. Still I see the method in their marketing. The museum provides wonderful instructors and a few cents worth of tape and paint, with the hope it leads to an enrollment worth a few dollars to hundreds. And it does. My girls are hooked. They did an April vacation course after experiencing our first free art Sunday. Now they want to take summer classes.

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