Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love reading about other families and their approach to gardening. So far, The Lazy Toad Farm posted about gardening with toddlers. And when I read about their experiences I smiled. I can so relate to the 7 seeds in the cup. But here, due to time constraints, lack of space and the close proximity of a wonderful family run garden store, we don't start from seeds those plants that can't make it without a stint in house under grown lights. But those that can... we are planting seeds in what can only be called the Monet Approach to Gardening.

We always start with a plan. A row to lettuce here; mixed greens there -- abutting up against the carefully laid out bush beans and the corn to the back. Cilantro for mommy tucked in front. But as Monet painted so the garden gets seeded. For we have a hearty unknown type of squash in the lettuce -- don't ask. The majority of the beans clustering for friendship and support. I know the feeling. Corn germinating as tight as Storm Troopers departing landing vessels, peas mixed with corn -- but that okay since both are against the back fence, and no cilantro for mommy. There is no sign of the beets, gourds or zucchini which were loving planted in their mounds. I'll give them another week then replant.

I love our garden.

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