Sunday, May 10, 2009

What did you get for Mother's Day?

It was by far the best Mother's Day ever because I got patience and tolerance. Patience for us all to go visit Great Nana. And tolerance for a longer than expected visit when it became apparent that Nana required assistance to eat lunch and who better to feed her than the once little girl who ate milk and cookies at her kitchen table.

She's afraid, frightened, scared. She's 16, lonely, nervous. She is looking for money, her father, her sister. She told me, she is dying.

I felt the love between us, as I told her not to worry, all is good, all will work out. For an hour and a half we sat inches apart. She doesn't know me. And doesn't even remember I was there. But that is okay.

My girls gave me the best gift this year. They sat with us; quiet. Not begging to leave. Not moving a muscle; just sitting and watching. Allowing me to be with my Nana.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such beautiful words. They brought tears to my eyes as I read it again to her son, my husband, your Dad. I am sure it is an experience that her greatgranddaughters will talk about many years down the road, maybe when it is me or you. That is what love is all about!!!

RB said...

Sounds like a very special moment. Happy belated mama's day!