Friday, July 31, 2009

Hike at Nobscot Boy Scout Reservation

I love having the Nobscot Reservation practically in our backyard. I love being able to be outside, in the woods, looking for toads, frogs, animal tracks, flowers, anticipating the view from Tippling Rock and trying to figure out what building is what from up there. I love being able to see Big Blue and knowing I have hiked up there as well.

On yesterday's jaunt we stopped by the Small Pox graveyard and wondered what it must've been like to be sick and sent away to a Pest House to die.

The big sighting for the little ones was a large frog. I got a picture of him, but only through some sticks that offered him a wee shelter. We all love the excitement of a great find. For me the big sighting was fruiting bodies on Indian Pipe. This soporific plant has always intrigued me. There is a lot of it in the Reservation. Still every sighting is always rewarding.

And this time, I took a handy map gleaned from the internet -- so we ended up right where we started. Already I'm looking forward to our next walk in the woods.

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Tammy H. said...

I love walking in the woods also. It is magical, you never know what you are going to find.