Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Project

The summer to do list prevented me from taking the time to start another project. But now that the letters to local food stores asking for donations for our parish middle school revolution in December have been written and delivered, some time has opened up.

When the summer started I had visions of working every Tuesday on stained glass. I couldn't physically get to my out of town class, but I would have the discipline to work at home. Summer is now half over, and finally a window for glass opportunities is opening. Thankfully. Last night I went through all my glass and I have enough scrapes to finish this project. A huge boon, as a pending braces bill has the household tightening its belt.

I am starting this next project knowing that I have to add break lines. Hopefully today I will get the Shack cut out (The key is clapboards.) and also start working on the grounds around it.

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