Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why did God create ground hogs?

Was it just to torment me, in my over the hill gardening years?

Gardening is suppose to be relaxing? A little weeding, a little watering, a lot of eating and the all around feel good sense from growing one's own, and I emphasize own, food. Not the food of the four footed set.

My backyard is a freaking war zone. I have titty bitty traps, a chipmunk sized trap and a ground hog trap all set and awaiting the evening onslaught, or feeding frenzy -- however you want to view it.

Last night someone mowed down the lettuce. From what I can see they chewed through the plastic fencing to get there. Now surrounding this garden on three sides is a perfectly good lawn, so why chew through a fence to get the lettuce I was pining for all the way home from Ohio. My journey was spurned homeward on the vision of a nice tuna fish salad sandwich with a thick layer of fresh crisp home grown lettuce.

The entire two rows were consumed last night... by some creature and not me. Not happy.

No more reprieves for sad faces. This is war.


kris said...

There was a ground hog in the library the other day. We had to leave the garage door open and he seems to have wandered out on his own... no one has seen him since.

HA! And and my captcha word below is "trapp"

pale said...

I can heard the pests now...lawn??? YOU can have tuna on a thick bed of lawn! We want lettuce!