Monday, July 12, 2010


Saint George Youth Ministry is raffling off RED SOX love and excitement.

First prize is two box seats on the first base line for the August 21st game.
Second prize is four bleacher seats for the August 17th game.
Third prize is a RED SOX trivia game.
Fourth prize the book, "Reverse the Curse."

One chance is $5; but wait spend $10 and you'll get three chances.

I have tickets. Email me.


Mary said...

i'd love three!

P.H. said...

Then the tickets are your's. I'll put your name on them, and we can square away the funds when our paths cross. Thanks for the support. Hope you win!

mary said...


can't find you on FB, Patty -- what happened?

P.H. said...

I don't see you either!!! YIKES! What happened...