Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There are no coincidences

Pope John Paul II said, or at least I have been told he said, "There are no coincidences." So let me tell you about my last two days:

Yesterday we ran painfully late for camp. So late I had to drive to the bus transfer station. And on the way a friend called and we were able to help her. If we had been running on schedule, I would have been in an area of no cell signal -- interesting.

Then today, my morning plans got turned around. So we walked to the bus stop instead of driving. There was no rush; we were on time. On the way we spied a very frail woman with a walker attempting to cross the street. I stepped out into the road and stopped traffic for her. Then went on our way.

The bus came. The camper was off, the rest of us started the walk home; only to spy the same woman again. This time she was across the street but having a very difficult time walking. I crossed back and asked if she needed assistance. She practically fell on the ground. I carefully got her onto her walker seat and then pushed her back to her home.

Again, if it had been a normal day... if I had driven to the bus... what would have happen to this woman? When plans changes, it's best to keep an open eye for someone just might need you.


Laura @ Our House of Joyful Noise said...

Hi there! I am checking out New England Bloggers! I just put the badge on my site, but I'm not on the list yet.

Great little post here though! Yes it makes one think. (Which makes it a great post!). I am trying to gather what your conclusion of these events are. Coincidences? Perhaps you remained bias on purpose, as to not lead the reader. (Which also makes a great post!). So I say.....I think you were running on God's time. Not coincidences....but all of the events of your morning, happened as they did, and when they did, so that you could be God's grace for this elderly woman. And I bet she is still telling everyone about it/you, today.

P.H. said...

Hi Laura --

Thanks for dropping by.

My conclusion is that God has a plan for us. And we might not see it right away -- but we need to be open for His opportunities here on earth.