Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 2 - The Knee

For two days I've hobbled about. Flexing the joint. Trying to shift the flap of cartilage out from between the bones. And for a few minutes each day I was successful. But it doesn't hold. Oh we'll...

But is this knee a gift? A blessing? YES without a doubt. Because of this knee I've been able to visit twice this week with my friend, Flo, at the nursing home. Her birthday was Thursday. She is 95. I had a long breakfast with my friend, John. Where we discussed his apprehension about spending 6 weeks with his son and daughter in law in Florida. We agreed he should gently tell them at 87 he is not a cripple. That he can still do for himself.

Because of this knee I had plenty of time to prepare for this weekend's religious ed classes. Now all I need is to pray, which I had plenty of time for -- because of this knee.

This knee afforded me the time to work on our summer scrapbook. A project I recently complained about. Stating I'd better finish it or pack it up. One or the other, for I need my bedroom floor back.

And lastly this knee blessed me with a wonderful Fall birthday celebration. It was great to have my folks over while Maria was home from college.

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