Friday, October 12, 2012

What lies ahead?

In three days this blog will be seven years old. Amazing; a writing experiment that just keep recording dictation. But seven years; what's next?

As always around this time of year I read over the older posts. I'm still the same struggling, but seven years old, over weight adult female. Promoting that Christ's divinity is in each and everyone of us. Delighted with my children. Proud of their accomplishments. A maple sugarmaker who enjoys spreading life's sweetness. Reminding people that even in the darkest of days, sweetness exists. You can't deny this when eating pancakes drowned in real maple syrup.

And this time, as in the past, I'll take these few days up to blog anniversary to figure out just what is next for this blog and for me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Anonymous said...

Everyday it is a part of my life...I am proud of how and what you write..of you! Love, Mom the second part of you are not a robot is not clear

jeff noel said...

Congratulations on seven years. Wow.