Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do you know it, see it, do it?

At Lowe's, I was second in line to a man buying lag bolts, 1/4 by 3. Twenty of them. The clerk asked, "Do you know the price?" The customer answered, "Yes, 26 cents a piece."

It took a very longtime to find the correct barcode to scan. It turns out EDDDIE, as his name tag read, is new. The price came up, 38 cents a piece.

The customer said, "That's not what the sign said."

Smiling, EDDDIE replied, "That is not a problem sir."


My turn at the register, I had but one comment, "So do you spell your name with three DDDs?"

His answer, "I don't. But somebody does."

Great customer service, it makes the world of difference not just to the person receiving it, but to everyone else in line.

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