Thursday, January 31, 2013

For whom does the blog roll?

A friend said the other day, "You've been blogging forever. Why?"

Good question. It started off as a place to flesh out writing ideas. Now it's more like a pensive. Do I have the correct word? I talking about the bowl that Dumbledore uses to collect memories? Mine, this blog is a collection of thoughts.

The other day I was reading about the sugaring season and more in 2008. That was a great year.

Spent some time revisiting the Washington DC posts from last summer.
Today I reread about parent - child communication in the post: The Emperor Has No Clothes. It still happens that way, but mom (me) has a full keyboard now. Texting is key. The phone call is for emphasis. My oldest called me today. When she calls, it's very important. And it was. Thank God for cell phones.

For whom does this blog roll? Obviously it rolls for me, but your welcome to tag a long.

Note: In actual fact I've only been blogging for 7.5 years.


Anonymous said...

That's the way I feel -- it's therapeutic and a journal. Congratulations on the 7.5!

jeff noel said...

Don't stop writing unless you think that's what God wants you to do.