Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Tired of pushing!

If you are part of a good old boy network, count me out.

If your organization, your focus, your clientele, your beliefs, your whatever, attempts to placate women in general, me specifically, with a smile, takes what you can get, but then closes a door, forget it.

I'm done with being tolerated. Done with being allowed to sit with the big boys, but not truly accepted. Done with doing the work, to get a pat on the back of the hand. There, there.

For New Years, my resolution is my resolve. Go ahead, play by your rules; I'm not playing your games anymore.

No worries. I'm good.


Anonymous said...

You never should have to...You are too special, loving, and giving but just not appreciated. If one does not stand up for oneself who will? God sees and knows, with love

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay?

Patty Hebert said...

Got blind-sided by the good old boys. Okay now, but pretty upset at the time. Lesson learned.