Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Look Ma! No photos!

Last Thursday my computer blue screened. Off to be repaired, no biggie, except I lost access to 10 years of digital  images and email address lists. Still I had my phone. I could manage.  Until yesterday when my phone lost its identity and displayed its burning desire to reconnect with iTunes. The iTunes application which runs on my computer, which is currently in the shop.

My phone which I use to communicate with my daughters when we out and away from home. The same phone which houses my captured collection of images from Facebook that I was to share as examples of  inspirational posters to my Confirmation I students last night.

The next few days will be interesting as both phone and I await the return of the repaired computer.  Life will have its ah ha moments as it stumbles along without cell phone connectivity. 

Which should be interesting.

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