Sunday, February 03, 2013

Crocheting Plarn into Sleeping Mats

Plarn is plastic yarn. Made by slicing refuse plastic bags into loops and then knotting the loops together.

Grace Church, the local Universalist Unitarian parish has a phenomenal outreach program. And our great friend and neighbor is quite active in their ranks.

And as we, as a family. are just about finished with our 6 foot contribution we can't help but wonder and pray for the individual that will receive our prayers all wrapped up in Plarn. It's a sleeping mat, not a blanket, but it is warm. May it keep the cold and damp at bay.

We have learned which bags makes the strongest Plarn. We pray each stitch, regardless of its origin remains strong and intact until our prayer partner is no longer homeless and sleeping on the street. Amen.

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Jeff noel said...

Amazing. Grace.

Amazing Grace.

Well done good and faithful servants.