Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No Words

Driving down the farm driveway I prayed, God let there be loving, instead of shoveling (manure) in my future. I'm spent.

The barn quiet, mostly all the calves were out enjoying the winter sun. Patty was in. And as I told her just how lovely she is, a voice called out, "I'm in with Peaches. She's down."

When a calf or for that matter a full grown 22 year old matriarch of a farm cannot get up it is not good. I walked over to her stall. Another volunteer was sitting in the hay beside the beloved grain thief. Sitting watch. I went down at Peaches' face. Hugging her great head to my chest. She let me hold her tight as I whispered lovies in her ear.

After intra-volunteer introductions and light conversation, the watch baton was handed over. And there I stayed, for the next two hours, lying so close that when the matriarch exhaled her warm breath fogged my glasses. Talking to her, rubbing her, looking deep into her eyes. Letting her know in no uncertain terms that she is loved.

Yes there was loving on the farm docket today.  As there is always, even when there is shoveling involved.


jeff noel said...

Amazing what love can do. For both sides.

Patty Hebert said...

:-) I'm blessed with the farm experience.