Saturday, February 02, 2013

What's your perspective?

In this picture my dear Peaches looks to have a big head and teeny tiny feet. When in actual fact, being taller than I, there is nothing remotely tiny about this lovely dairy cow. Don't be fooled. Those feet are generous salad plate in size.

In Ground Hog Day, the movie, Bill Murray has a life time of do overs to get his perspective on life correct. (Yes, we will watch that movie today, only once.)

jeff noel over at promotes: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Without the benefit of the movies we are not blessed with endless do overs. Let's be vigilant. Let's work on keeping life in perspective. With our eyes on the prize.


jeff noel said...

Patty, your writing seems especially inspiring and insightful lately.

What a great photo to illustrate perspective.

Thank you for your daily contributions to nudge our world to think about taking on more personal responsibility in solving the things we wish didn't have to be solved.

Patty Hebert said...

Thank you Jeff for your 5 daily blogs offering perspective on a balanced life.