Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is there a good side to every situation?

Heading out for a quick ride between meetings, while checking the pressure in my rear tire, the tube went flat. A squeezed in and much anticipated ride became a tire changing lesson.

First panic. It's been a while since I took care of a flat. Tire off. But having trouble getting the tube out. Tube out then can't get the tire reassembled. My meeting is in an hour...

Watched a YouTube video. Tire reassembled. New assembly won't hold air. Now sadness. Headed off to Landry's Bike Shop in Natick, where I purchased my bike and take her for service.

Jerry offered to help. He gave me a hands on lesson on changing a tire. Explained to me where I may have gone wrong. And in 10 minutes I left with a perfectly assembled and inflated wheel and a new spare tube.

Happiness. Home. Bike reassembled. Meeting attended. Took the bike for a very short ride to check on the wheel's integrity. All is good.


jeff noel said...

Passion, perseverance, creativity, positivity, learning, patience. And on and on and on. Well done.

Patty Hebert said...

Thank you Jeff. Life's lessons show up in the weirdest places.