Monday, May 19, 2014

Miracles Happen

Yesterday was paved with miracles. The first blessing is having this woman as my dearest friend, and 4 time Boston Brain Tumor riding partner. We are opposites. I'm a planner. She is a wait and see person. I'm tall. She is petite. She thinks outside the box. I'm the person who built the box. She is the mother of wonderful boys. I'm blessed with girls.

We arrived at the event and Prajna, knowing I had a time constraint, decided not to ride her hybrid commuter bike but instead went to the road bike rental tent and asked if they had any spares. The gentleman replied, "Only one, that small bike up in the rack."

Amazing they had only one extra not reserved bike. And it fit her perfectly. How does that happen? We finished 25 miles in 1 hour 38 minutes. My dearest friend, thank you for the blessings of your friendship.

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