Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fairest of All

by Serena Valentino

While vacationing it is a habit of mine to pick up a book or two. Usually a cookbook, (an addiction), sometimes a novel. I picked up both on this last trip to the land of the mouse. The cookbook is a small spiral bound edition of authentic Mexican recipes. The novel is a new spin on the tail of Snow White from her stepmother's perspective, Fairest of All.

This book delves into the whys and wherefores on how such a wonderful momma figure becomes reduced to ugliness and evil. How someone who so loved in her lifetime forsakes all that brings happiness for an image in a mirror.

As I was reading I was brought up short in my analysis of the book when the question, "What are our modern day magic mirrors?" crossed my mind. Where do we turn away from those closest to us, whom we love to look for remote acceptance and praise? The answer is staring me right in my face. It is this blasted computer. My own mirror out into the electronic world. Where I check email. Who wants to hear from me today? Facebook. Who wants to read what I've been up to today? And what have all my friends been doing likewise? News and gossip. Thank God I'm not rich or famous, having to live in their fishbowl.

Daily, well almost, I write on this blog, post a favorite picture or two then wait to see if anyone has thought my diatribe is noteworthy enough to comment about. And when it comes in, alas acceptance from the remote ether. Breathing easy once again.

Scary, the thin veil between real life and a Disney novel. And as in Fairest of All, it is those closest to us, who love us, and understand best of all.

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