Friday, February 12, 2010

You, Call 911

A month ago the local fire department visited our scout meeting to teach us CPR Anytime. It was a great class, on how we can all save a life. The instructor came with mini Anns for everyone. We learned how to assess an emergency situation, to point and instruct a specific someone to call 911, and then to do the CPR anytime technique. Yesterday we got to use some of these skills.

While walking home from school, I noticed an older woman lying on the sidewalk outside of line of stores. She was calling for help. I yelled out to the girls, "Look there is a woman down," and ran over to her. The lady, coherent and able to lift her head off of the sidewalk, told me she had felt dizzy and fell down. Not wanting to move her I slipped my purse under her head to offer her some cushion and then covered her with my coat. By this time my girls were standing next to the scene and I pointed to and instructed the one I saw first when I looked up, "You, go into CVS and tell them to call 911, that a woman has fallen on the sidewalk." And dutifully, she did.

Soon after the lady's companion joined us. We all waited until the fire department and ambulance arrived. They seemed to take forever... But time has a way of slowing... The firemen took over, bandaging the ladies wounds and giving me back my coat and purse.

Thankfully the situation didn't require doing CPR. Still it was great to be able to drawn upon our new emergency skills.


MamaDee said...

i'm sure she really appreciated your help! Poor gal! way to go!!

Tammy H. said...

Lucky for her, you were around.