Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What Would Daddy Do?

Whenever my husband feels under the weather he retreats to our bed, only to be seen upon recovery. As a mom I could never understand how he could do that. Children still have to get places. Food still has to be cooked. Laundry... well maybe not laundry, but you get the picture.

Yesterday I woke up at 6AM with a headache so big, (How big was it?), my stomach hurt. I woke my daughter for her shower, made lunches and went back to bed until 7:20. At this point I crawled out of bed for a second time for the the first school delivery, after which I retreated back to my covers. Where I was contemplating the next trip, when the phone rang and I was saved. A dear friend, learning I was down and out, came and picked up my own (after putting her's on the bus -- He loves to ride the bus.).

Yesterday I spent 95% of my day prone. Not reading, not listening to music, not watching TV, but sleeping or at least trying to sleep. I didn't move. I wasn't logged in, or plugged in. And except for the nagging thought of having to make flight and hotel arrangements for Chris Padgett's visit in December, I didn't contemplate much else but feeling better.

In the evening when my husband came home and I was still in bed, I don't know who was more shocked him or me. As my being in bed meant the little one missed religious ed. And when the phone rang -- he was the one who journeyed out to gather the track star. Home, I eyed the shower which ran steaming hot. I probably emptied the tank. I needed the heat, I had to move.

Monday nights features two children heading out to two activities. It takes the effort of two parents. To get used to be being upright, I offered a homework assist. Before heading out I took another dose of the magic headache basher meds and by the time we returned from our Monday jaunt there were signs of relief. With my shoulders not pressed above my ears, still I returned to the bed early -- but this time with a book, The Magicians Nephew.

And now I am up... having slept more yesterday than I have slept in weeks. I could look into those reservations...


red_soul_girl said...

Me and I think every other mother out there can agree with you that this is the life we have been chossen to lead!!! LOL. When I was down with the stomach bug, Lauren still had to get fed, bathed, dressed, and lunches made for school. I limped along, tried not to throw up, and did the "mom" thing. Kudos to you!

Tammy H. said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better.