Friday, February 05, 2010

Today I feel like a star

Yes, a star, but maybe not as you think, so bright and twinkling. Today I am being pulled in a multitude of directions. There was the 30 minute must have walk for my health towards weight lose. The elementary school winter concert. An hour of sitting for 6 minutes of my own child singing with her grade. The aquarium cleaning. The fish are threatening to walk out. It might be healthier for them on dry land. The laundry, which is being surveyed as the newest growing land form in our town. The dining room table: take note Nana and Grandpa, we probably won't be eating your Anniversary celebration dinner in style. Can you say, card table? Sorry. The house needs shoveling so anyone besides immediate family can traverse the doorway. I shifted two piles to get to this computer in order to write this blog. The dishwasher requires emptying. Cookie pick up at 2:30, a good thing as I need more space for the meeting. The Girl Scouts will be arriving at 3 PM for the fore mentioned meeting till 5. The Anniversary dinner, will be after the Scouts leave. The track star needs a ride home somewhere between 4 and 5. Remind me to clone myself. And then there is the middle school dance from 6 or 7 to 9 this evening. Mom will find out the time later. Mind you, Mom found out at the elementary school concert the middle one is heading to the dance with more than dancing on her mind. Moms always find out. So add a firm discussion on appropriate behavior to the list.

Yes, I am a star.

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