Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Weekend

We are experiencing a full weekend. There is the parish breakfast, set up and serving, friends over for pizza, brownie sundaes and games (not necessarily in that order), a Jesse Manibusan concert, (God are we lucky to hear him.), and altar serving, mixed in with the more mundane of,flute, laundry, homework, sap collection, cooking, all topped off with substitute teaching an 8th grade religious ed. class. This has my worried.

My sixth graders know to expect the unexpected. Prior to class I read the book, thinking about what's important, look around the house at what I can bring in, write a game plan, then wing it. This class is supposedly doing the same material we are... go figure. Our fearless leader and director said, "Just do what you do with your class... you will probably build a Shack."

And last night as I laid in bed and wondered just what we would do, I thought about that Shack, and how it can be tied into the concepts of Active Listening and being a Friend. I even thought about whether I should bring in the quilting project. I need red squares cut out... This should be an interesting class.

We are rolling from one activity to the next.

Off to wake the children for the breakfast. It's an early rise and shine day for us all.

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