Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While Paul and I were hiking to the top of Washington several delightful events happened. For instance, when we were taking a rest a woman in passing us, after the ever polite and constant hiker greeting, "Good Morning," mentioned she works in a Catholic health center. At first I thought she was mentioning this because she was a nurse. Did she think we needed medical attention? No she is the assistant to the director of the facility. Big job. We chatted with her and her daughter, and then as they moved on, waved good bye. We would see them again later at the summit. After her departure I wondered why, if not a nurse, she would mention her employment. And then I realized I had my St. George World Youth Day 08 hat on, of course what else would I wear, and that my WYD'11 luggage tag was still on my backpack.

Labeled CATHOLIC -- That's me.

Later up on the summit, smiles up with the wind and the dipping temperatures I added a layer and changed my hat. Labeled again. I guess if I had run into a problem, (read slipped off the mountain), there would have been no question as to whether I wanted a priest called.

Our clothing labels us. What labels do you wear?

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Anonymous said...

Leave only your footprints on the path, take only your memories. Seems like it was a good trip and you left great impressions.

Love bro